Welcome to Aghveran, a uniquely beautiful corner of Armenia located in a picturesque valley 45 km from Yerevan. The surrounding mountain forests richly populated with flora and natural springs and the temperate climate create a gentle, welcoming atmosphere. The beautiful views and relaxed working environment can transform a meeting into an unforgettable trip.
I look forward to executing a successful conference under such pleasant conditions. The goals of this meeting are

  • To exchange experiences and expand communications between various RESCs working in closely-related areas of science.
  • To learn about new capabilities that have been developed at the various RESCs.
  • To discuss ongoing and prospective joint research, and also possible joint scientific projects.
  • To present the scientific achievements of the various RESCs and their current and potential users.
RESC program initiated by the U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation 10 years ago successfully proceeds and develops.
Twenty one RESC Centers created in the former CIS countries, have received the unique equipment and could carry out both own scientific researches and help colleagues within the region requiring similar research capabilities. The work of some our Centers has provided support to groups in the region or have huge influence on a regional science.
Being unique in their regions, Centers are of a big interest for the other regions as well, where such Centers are absent or are very busy.
Therefore the prospect of inter-regional cooperation is still very timely and important.
At this conference which is possible to consider as a report, we will present the road our Centers went through from the moment of foundation. We will tell about plans of further development and discuss ways of effective cooperation among various RESC Centers.

With warmest regards,
Henrik Panosyan
Chair of RESC Mini-Conference

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